From the desk of Lady Luck’s punching bag…
Tuesday February 14th 2006, 4:27 pm
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So just about an hour ago, I was walking into Target. Routine, right? Nothing special right? Wrong.

Just as I was approaching the entrance, a teenage shit-for-brains decided it would be a good idea to peel out the second his friend got in the car without looking forward first.

So I got hit by a car. For the sixth time in my life.

Also I’m out of Coke. And that makes me sad.

Oh yeah- Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Tuesday October 11th 2005, 12:38 am
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You may recall some recent posts that alluded to a certain flood caused by the sprinklers in my dorm. After three weeks in the hotel, we were put up in the presidential suite on campus where my bed was mysteriously broken (don’t ask). Here are some updated pictures of my room. They’ve been repairing the damage, but not before they had to destroy everything completely.

Pee in the sink!

This is the kitchen. But that’s the bathroom counter and sink where the oven used to be.

why all the brown stains?

We found everything but the kitchen sink stacked in the bathroom and tub.

there it is...

Then we found the kitchen sink in one of the bedrooms. Along with a frying pan.

So now we have a lot of cleaning up to do, and a lot of gathering crap out of storage. At this point, I’m just hoping we don’t find any food we missed on the way out. If it walks out of the fridge, we just let it go.

A Photo Walkthrough of Recent Events…
Saturday September 24th 2005, 1:16 am
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Carnegie: Ground Zero
The ironically named Carnegie Hall. Until recently, the main party dorm on campus. Then they started enforcing alcohol consumption by minors laws, and took steps to revamp the dorm, and get rid of the stench of cigarettes, beer, vomit, and personal lubricant. New carpet, new tiles, and new car smell. But that was before the sprinkler flood. Now the carpet and tile is ripped up, and the fragrence of mold fills the air. Carnegie- Constantly Improving!

Roaming the halls...
Here’s me and my friend Dave surveying the damage. This is shortly after part of the ceiling in our bathroom caved in on me, releasing a torrent of brown water. Water should never be brown. But dave found a cool box we used to ski down the stairs.

The Shirt 'O Shame
Here’s Will holding what used to be a nice shirt. There’s no telling whether or not the shirt looked that way before the flood, but hey- the insurance company will never know the difference.

Moving in...
Here’s Dave moving the essentials into our hotel room. Note the bamboo plant on top of the coke box. That’s what makes it feel like home.

Scared Kitty
This has nothing to do with anything. It just makes me laugh.

Settled in
So now we’re moved into a hotel room at the Mainstay Suites in Alcoa, TN. Turns out Dave and I are two of only 15 people who won’t get to return to the dorms for a couple months. So we’ve already set up our respective offices, and made friends with the hotel maids, and the front desk clerk on every shift, so we’ll make it work for us. I regret that it was my calamitous luck that most likely brought this. Well that, and a stove fire in the room above ours. But I digress- This is how my life goes. I’ve gotten used to it. Keep reading this site, and maybe you’ll get used to it too. Then we are all lost.