A disturbing thought…
Wednesday May 15th 2013, 6:45 am
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Remember this one?

John Travolta plays Michael the archangel, or Michael the space alien depending on which scientology joke you go with. Two tabloid reporters are dispatched by Bob Hoskins to bring him from Iowa to Chicago. On the way, they deal with old ladies dying, Michael’s fetish for ‘world’s largest whatevers,’ bar fights, and learning how to love, or some such nonsense. That’s not important.

What is important is that at one point in the movie, Michael bangs the chick from Chasing Amy. She exits their motel room appearing to have had the night of her life, and no further thought is given. There’s another scientology joke in there somewhere.

But wait… haven’t we heard about angels banging human females before? From Hebrew folklore? Their unions begat giant offspring known as Nephilim. And according to a cursory google image search, they looked like this-

Try working that into a Kevin Smith movie.

Suddenly, I want to see a sequel.

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