Yin and Yang
Wednesday January 21st 2009, 9:24 am
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Mac has created it’s best application yet. It’s a ballistics program that allows you to calculate range, windage, gravity, elevation and weather. How is this any different from any number of similar programs? This one downloads to your iPod. It fits a secure case that clamps to the rifle, and has the same calculating power as one of the military models.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this. I took forever to get on the iPod train, and that was only with a shuffle, because it’s the simplest model they offer. I had the misfortune to be born in the wrong century, thus any bit of technology is witchcraft, should be burned as such. I understand the use for military technology, and even embrace a good deal of it. But sniping is one of those things that should remain based on instinct, and ability. Carlos Hathcock had no computers to aid him. I’ll remain on the fence on this for now, and keep hitting digital things with an axe.

Here’s the link

PS- if you don’t know who Carlos Hathcock is, Educate yourself.

Wednesday January 14th 2009, 8:56 am
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there’s nothing more natural than a beaver
Monday January 05th 2009, 8:22 am
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Widgett sent this over, knowing my stance on hippies and all hippie-esque behavior.

This particular group of hippies alerted the authorities of an illegal logging operation in a nature reserve, thus sparking an investigation, and subsequently shooting themselves in the proverbial foot.

No, wait. That’s a bad metaphor. These are hippies we’re talking about, so they subsequently protested themselves in the foot.

That sounds dumb.

Link here.

…and only a week late
Friday January 02nd 2009, 5:50 am
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Merry Christmas to all!
Christmas is a time to be with the ones we love, to give thanks for all that we have, and to spread that holiday cheer…

…with a high pressure air cannon.

Blast some Yule with the Holiday Howitzer!

Musical notes
Thursday January 01st 2009, 6:20 pm
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Q- How do you solve a problem like Maria?

A- With fire.