Friday July 25th 2008, 11:28 pm
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“And when I want something unexpected, I eat a tablespoon of alum! That’s why my face always looks like this!”

Apparently cheese, bacon, and almonds are ‘pretty unexpected from a little package or carton of rice!’ But then you could say the same thing about a rabid badger.

eat the stupid
Wednesday July 23rd 2008, 9:15 am
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Few people know just how messed up I am better than my girlfriend, so when she saw this, she steered it straight toward me.

Hippie protesters are bad, but british hippie protesters are that much worse, because coming from a disarmed public, they’ll be that much more nonviolent, thus leaving them that much less to do in order to express their unbathed outrage to the government.

This guy from the activist group “Plane Stupid” attempted to superglue himself to PM Brown in protest to airport expansion.

A note: If you want to be taken even a little seriously, don’t include the word ‘stupid’ in your organization’s name.

Another note: If you insist on naming yourself stupid, don’t confirm the assumption by doing something normally only seen in reruns of “I Love Lucy.”
He should have used Duct Tape.

As if this guy weren’t inept enough by planning on gluing himself to the Prime Minister, he’s put over the line by attempting it, and promptly failing. No great political activism ever included getting stuck to something. This is why Martin Luther King Jr. never found it necessary to bring glue to a sit in. Next they can glue themselves to a tree to save the owls. Or better yet, just glue themselves to the owls.

If you want to accomplish something, avoid being a hippie. You can’t change the world if you can’t even change your socks.

UPDATE from Cosette: Apparently after his botched protest attempt, this guy tried instead to glue himself to the wall at 10 Downing st. Alas, he didn’t have enough glue left to finish the job, so he couldn’t stick. Too bad he used some on Brown, or maybe he would have succeeded. Instead, he likely slid back down the wall like a merry melodies cartoon and stuck to the ground.

boom di ada
Monday July 14th 2008, 7:29 am
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I love the Discovery Channel, because it’s one of those rare entities that isn’t afraid to blow shit up up for no reason. Their budget is much higher than mine, so they have my undying support. Especially Mythbusters. I saw this commercial the other day, and I like it. So now you have to like it too.

Saturday July 05th 2008, 1:08 am
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Getting right to the subject, I don’t watch porn. Just not my cup of tea. And I don’t even like tea. I do have one exception though.

Porn bloopers. They crack me up every single time. I’m not sure why this is, but something about people being so serious about engaing in wanton carnality for display and profit, and then botching the job so epically just sets me to laughing uncontrollably.

This is one of the better ones I’ve seen. It’s boring and pointless up until the end, so you can skip over to the 45 second mark, and watch from there.