cry baby, cry
Monday April 28th 2008, 8:30 pm
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Babies tend to cry in my presence. Believe it or not, this is not something I have worked toward. There’s just something about me that babies find offensive or frightening. So it makes me feel slightly better that Tokyo holds an anual competition in which sumo wrestlers scare babies into crying “to stregnthen their spirit.” The baby who cries the loudest wins. I shit thee not.

Want proof? Here’s the story.

Want more? Here’s the photo gallery.

what worked then…
Monday April 21st 2008, 7:41 am
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What do you do when you have a problem with vandals? The same thing the Romans did when they had a problem with Vandals. Or Visigoths. Or Franks. Build something huge to launch something gross at them.

Article Here

you make the choice
Friday April 11th 2008, 11:02 pm
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One of these pictures is Gary Oldman playing Jim Gordan in Batman Begins. The other one is Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer, who brutally killed 48 women (that we know of).

Picture 1
Picture 2

It’s obvious which is which, but the resemblance is still uncanny. As far as I know, no one has written a crossover of Batman chasing the Green River Killer who turns out to be his ally.

There’s probably a reason for that.

a cautionary tale of biscuit dough
Saturday April 05th 2008, 6:42 am
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Yesterday morning I was making breakfast. A seemingly harmless task, save for the occasional unfortunate encounter with a live stovetop. I peeled the paper off of the can of biscuit dough, but didn’t pop it open, thinking that it would be better to prepare the potatoes before putting them in the oven. So I walked across the kitchen with a knife to cut open the potatoes. So far, so good.

Then the can of biscuits exploded on the counter. I spun around and speared the popped can with my knife from about 7 paces, and was left breathing hard and trying to come down from an adrenaline rush induced by something that sounded remarkably like a gunshot.

My first coherent thought was “Wow. Still got it.”
My second thought was “Wow. Am I really that jumpy?”

on the subject of porn…
Friday April 04th 2008, 7:51 am
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This is my kind.

those things with the pages
Friday April 04th 2008, 7:49 am
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You’d never know it from looking at me or talking to me, but I’m actually very well read. From early insightful works of philosophy such as Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, which would later inspire the Wachowski brothers, to the later crap which is still considered classical despite the festering pile of excrement that it is such as Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, which would later inspire my literary gag reflex.

I like books, and thus enjoy libraries. Perhaps not as much as Dindrane, whom this page was probably created for.

Hot library smut

When I heard of this, I made the mistake of searching for ‘library porn’ on google. I’m a wise one.