Wednesday September 05th 2007, 9:40 am
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For those of you who don’t know (there’s likely to be few of you), DragonCon is an anual pop culture festival in Atlanta that focuses on comic books, gaming, movies, and really anything that you can have a geek for. For the majority of the year, I count myself as a movie geek, but even I can’t claim that title at DragonCon.

This is because Dragoncon gives new meaning to the term ‘geek’. I speak of the costumes of course. Take this one for instance-


That guy standing next to him was about six feet tall. And the guy in the costume could move fairly well. This is the kind of geek dedication I speak of. A few years ago, one guy went as a 20-sided die. As to who locked him in his costume and kicked him down an upward escalator is anyone’s guess.


See? Geeks.


Here’s Widgett and Ken going in Undercover. Since no one knew they were coming, the first needcoffee panel was invaded by ZZ Top, and the bastard child of Spider Jerusalem and Snidely Whiplash.


They get younger every year. The R2-D2 robot could move, swivel it’s head, and make the sound effects, so you can imagine the baby’s confusion. Ironically, that baby will probably grow up to regard that robot as it’s ‘real’ dad.


Don’t even know what that is.


You get a few of these every year- He’s a Marine from ‘Aliens’. For some reason, this one brought his pet peacock.


You get a few of these every year too. The one on the right should be careful with that lighter, though. We all know how necrotic flesh can go up with one spark.


Oh God, two horrible movies had a child! It will probably grow up to be a sitcom.


We all remember these guys. So I’ll not speak a word. Especially not as to what the one on the right is doing.


SPARTANS!!! TONIGHT, WE DINE, IN that cool restaurant down the street that has it’s own little brewry. Neato. Grab the drunk girl.

DragonCon is the only place where you can find the Predator waiting for the elevator, and run into Indiana Jones helping some Nazis lug the Ark around while both versions of Willy Wonka look on. There’s something extrememly messed up, and maybe a little sad about the people who spend the entire year working nonstop on a costume they will wear for three days, but it’s what they love, so who’s to judge?

Unless they dress up like a 20-sided die. That’s wedgie material.

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“There’s something extrememly messed up, and maybe a little sad about the people who spend the entire year working nonstop on a costume they will wear for three days…”

Part of the fun is the process of creating the costumes. “It’s the journey, not the destination” sort of thing… Yeah, you always get the zombies and storm troopers, but some of the costumes are absolute works of ART.

Besides…thousands of American children do this sort of thing every October, and they only wear their costumes for a few hours ONE night.

Comment by Luna 09.21.07 @ 3:24 pm

Oh don’t get me wrong. Take a look at some of my other posts, and you will know that when I use the words ‘messed up’, it is not neccessarily a bad thing.

Comment by Siege 09.26.07 @ 6:18 pm

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