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Saturday February 24th 2007, 11:13 pm
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I’ve learned many things at college. Among them are many academic bases, but I’m referring to the other things.

For instance, just this year, I’ve learned that using a 2×6 as a standing platform when working off ground construction is not always the most stable way to keep from falling.

I’ve also learned that people can be thrown through a wall with almost zero momentum if they piss me off enough.

While shopping for Valentine’s Day, I learned that it’s harder than one might think to buy an instructional book on playing the accordion. You can now find my picture hung in every music store in Knoxville under a label of ‘The Cursed One’.

My regular readers (both of them) know that I took an ethics course for the duration of January, where I learned that political debates can be fun, so long as your class is made up of degenerate psychos who are amused at the notion of vigilante violence, and believe that any problem, political or otherwise, is attributable to pedophiles.

In the same class, I learned that my professor went to school with Jim Jones. We didn’t accept his offers of kool-aid.

These are only some of the things I’ve learned this year. And the year is less than two months old. Maybe soon I’ll learn to quit griping.

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