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Monday October 24th 2005, 3:50 pm
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There’s something that really gets under my skin when it comes to just how stupid people can be, and that’s when I see a guy beating up on a woman. There are few things that debase humanity more than a dickless jackass who feels the need to reassert his “power” in gender roles by slapping a woman around.

Just recently, I exited a building just in time to see a guy backhand his girlfriend. As he was backing away from me, he attempted to justify such an act by telling me that he beats her so that she can learn to function in society. This is the kind of person I have zero patience for. Needless to say, I bruised my knuckles quite a bit, and asked if he felt more sociable as a result.

He didn’t.

This is exactly why I have no patience for wife beaters and the like. If you can’t handle being an inferior specimen of a person, take it out on yourself. If you think that you can ‘keep her in line’ by beating her, you’re wrong. You’re not a behavior counselor, and you’re not a champion for your gender. You’re just a disposable human being that the rest of us wouldn’t waste a second bullet on. The battered woman does often wind up shooting the offender when she can think of no other way out. But then we live in a society where she is the criminal in such a situation. And there’s always another way.

And so when people whine and moan about the state the world is in, how we see violence and genocide everywhere we look, remind them that it starts at home. And that’s where it should end. So guys, don’t hit girls. Call me old-fashioned, call me chauvinistic I don’t care. I just think it’s wrong. And there are many who share that opinion. So if you plan on beating up on your wife, or girlfriend, or anyone of the sort, just remember that there are people who take great pleasure in breaking bones in your face.

Don’t hit women. Don’t be an ass. And only shoot to wound.

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Well said, my friend. I wish more people had less patience for crap like beating women.

Comment by Matt 10.26.05 @ 8:23 pm

…Did you really hit him?

You’re my hero.

Comment by Alex 07.09.06 @ 4:17 pm

The guy was wrong for backhanding his woman, but you’ve sort of put yourself in the same boat as him by being someone who “teaches” with violence.

Are you ALL that much better than him?

Comment by dave 07.14.06 @ 8:50 am

Dave: I can answer that one for you.

Yes. He is.

Thanks for playing.

Comment by Widge 07.14.06 @ 9:26 am

I tend to agree with dave. Yes you should intervene, but not with the same rage induced violence. Try to talk the guy down first.

Comment by T.W. 07.15.06 @ 1:37 am

If I was beating my girl, and you tried to step, I would have killed you. Youre a pussy and theres nothin wrong with smackin your bitch every once and a while. She thinks she can make a smart comment and get away with it? FUck no! Beat Her Ass. Fuck you for being such a captain, people like you suck.

Comment by JEFF 07.15.06 @ 4:52 am

Yeah, good idea T.W. Tell you what, why don’t you and JEFF there, who likes to beat women’s asses, have a nice chat. When he’s done kicking your ass for “being such a captain,” we’d love to step in and try and help, but we wouldn’t want to offend your sensibilities.

Hey, Jeff, your dad needs to use the computer BTW.

Comment by Widge 07.15.06 @ 9:40 pm

T.W.- There is a time for talking. If the damage is already done, that isn’t it.

Jeff- the fact that you spell your name in all caps says it all about you. You’re a simpering piece of shit who needs to compensate for your menial existence in any way you can, be it hitting women, or leaving death threats on the internet. I won’t waste my time arguing with you. Go back under your rock.

Comment by Siege 07.16.06 @ 7:29 am

Jeff, go to hell.

Comment by :Ozhan 07.16.06 @ 1:30 pm

I am in two minds about this one (aside from the fact that Jeff is a twat – there’s no two ways about that one). I’m an anti-violence kinda girl and I like to have faith in people’s ability to be redeemed. I also think that violence never helps, and I agree with dave about lowering to his level.
And pretty much, I doubt you made a difference to his attitude, much like our comments to Jeff probably haven’t changed his.
However, no jury in the world would convict you :). The guy was obviously a loser and you made a good point. And hey, maybe you gave his girlfriend the confidence to escape a relationship with such a prick.

Comment by Anya 07.16.06 @ 4:32 pm

Really? This happens a lot? You’re forever running into gorillas in the midst of beating on women? Because I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. I occasionally see suspicious indicators of what probably goes on at home (cringing women wiearing a lot of pancake makeup around their bruised eyes, etc.), but I think even the most simian of men have some clue that beating women isn’t considered socially acceptable or legal behavior and know they can’t haul off and clock a chick right there in the middle of the frozen food section.
If this really happened though, I commend you for stepping up.
While I’m at it though, I’m going to list a peeve of mine: Whenever a guy says he’s against hitting women, he always gets a literal or figurative round of applause. Like he’s some kind of saint. Men saying they’re against beating women should be met with “of course not!” not “oooo! What a sage crusader of justice.” It’s like saying, “I’m four-square against puppy-kicking” and getting a medal for it.

Comment by HtotheB 07.16.06 @ 10:14 pm

You can keep your medal, HtotheB.

And what if the puppy was disguised as a soccer ball?

Comment by Siege 07.16.06 @ 10:39 pm

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