It’s… Lambuel?
Wednesday September 28th 2005, 7:44 pm
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Educating children in their christian faith can be beneficial to their development. Then there’s this. It’s pretty hardcore. Oh, and don’t mouse over the lamb at the top. You’ll jump and punch your computer like I did. And remember- the Z is for zealousness.

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That’s got to be a satire site. I would heartily suspect the folks at Landover Baptist, especially since there’s a protest thing for them on the Lambuel site. Not that I haven’t met some people who would probably subscribe heartily to their ideas, but I’m betting it’s a prank.

Comment by cosette 09.28.05 @ 9:19 pm

I thought that as well. But it’s been around for a while. And it’s moved. But then they do speak out against So I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all the same people.

Comment by Siege 09.29.05 @ 5:18 pm

I just like Mr. Gruff, the atheist, and the instructions that young children are given… I think I’ve just developed a twitch in my left eye…

Comment by Nicci 10.03.05 @ 4:29 pm

The next time you expressly tell me not to do something, like, say, “don’t mouse over the lamb at the top,” I will listen–for you are young, but full of wisdom.

Comment by Dindrane 10.04.05 @ 9:36 am

Hey! Did you try to the dress up Lambuel link? If you try to take off his boxers, they wiggle and he frowns! Don’t ask why I tried to take off his boxers… I’m just “special” that way…

Comment by Nicci 10.05.05 @ 11:15 am

…and this is why I don’t go to church

Comment by Jeph 10.14.05 @ 1:28 pm

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